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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a way for the brain to get information about itself. Our brains are always trying to conserve energy and operate efficiently. When given information about itself, the brain will use the feedback information to optimize its own functioning. No effort or intention on your part required.

The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback System

About Stillpoint Neurofeedback

Bob Lavendusky
Bob Lavendusky

Stillpoint Neurofeedback was founded in 2012 by Bob Lavendusky, a NeurOptimal® Certified Master Trainer with 12 years experience. After stumbling upon biofeedback as a child, Bob developed a lifelong interest in mind/body connection and a love of associated disciplines. He is experienced in meditation, yoga, Aikido, Qigong and many types of biofeedback. Having originally purchased a NeurOptimal® system for personal use and to deepen his meditation practice, Bob quickly noticed many other benefits from the training including improved sleep and lower anxiety. Bob recieved his Master Trainer Certification in 2010 and is excited to share this amazing technology with as many people as possible. He has had offices in Kansas City and Lawrence and worked with clients from accross the spectrum.

cetified neuroptimal master trainer
Bob Lavendusky
Bob Lavendusky, Founder

"At Stillpoint Neurofeedback, our mission is to help our clients tap into their full potential by optimizing brain function."

- Bob Lavendusky,

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Effortless, peaceful and calming. Providing the most relaxing experience possible


Better sleep, more focus, less anxiety, increased creativity and more!

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