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“The first time I heard about Neurofeedback was when I met Bob Lavendusky during an artistic program I was attending through the Lawrence Art Center during the Winter of 2014. From our first talk on Neurofeedback I got curious about the connection between the brain waves and states of consciousness. At that time I was experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety due to a very difficult moment in my life and the project I was committed to during my stay in Lawrence. I was painting 14-16 hours a day at the studio. I fell into depression without noticing it, having troubles eating and sleeping well. I was having intense dreams that would wake me up in the middle of the night. My body was in pain due to the long hours of painting. After my first neurofeedback session I felt incredibly calmed, my mind and body felt steady and focused. After 4 sessions I found my brain and body having a stronger sense of presence and this somehow opened up a creative flow, moving and seeing so many new possibilities in my paintings. I remember feeling more integrated with my art, having intense moments of awareness and attention to little things happening around me, very sensitive to bright colors and sounds, and finding myself contemplating nature more deeply. I felt grounded, aligned and focused on my goal. I did 6 or 7 sessions and had wonderful results. I imagine having 15 would’ve been even more powerful than it already was for me. I thank Bob Lavendusky for introducing me to NF and for all the support he offered me during the difficulties I encountered during my project in Lawrence. “
Valerie Campos Mexico City, Mexico


“I benefitted from my neurofeedback sessions in a twofold way. I had suffered the consequences of a heavy concussion and the neurofeebdack sessions helped me to function in the world and heal quicker than I expected. Being a spiritual teacher, the sessions helped me go deeper towards my True Self and recognizing the connection between the brain waves and states of consciousness. This part of working with Bob was truly fascinating. Bobs qualified, friendly and caring presence made the whole healing and spiritual process smooth, safe and effective. I recommend Stillpoint Neurofeedback sessions to anyone interested in healing and a deep process of self-discovery.”
Nikola Ristic Santa Cruz, CA


“From my first conversation with Bob, I felt a kinship with him. There is a vulnerability about him that readily translates into his caring as a practitioner. His passion for well-being is so great and his belief in this system so deep that he imbues a necessary confidence into the process. My experience with Neurofeedback was exceptional and Bob was not only available for additional conversation but eager to know how I was experiencing life outside of his office as I went through the process and onward.
The system itself brought me a sense of peace and presence I have only achieved through meditative practices. Not only did I feel a greater sense of well being but I felt a connection to myself that has sustained and bloomed with time. I will continue to use this form of Neurofeedback for the rest of my life.”
Alia Sachedina Lawrence, KS

…someone you can really depend on,
14 years ago, I survived an automobile accident that devastated both my mind and body. My coma extended seventeen days, from which the 23 years I had previously lived were virtually forgotten.
& Bobby’s always been there for me.
By chance, I was introduced to Bob and Neurofeedback.I learned that this training could both heal, then also help my mind work more efficiently. Unbeknownst to me, “more efficiently” became a great increase in my self-confidence. After several sessions, I started being able to readily retain memory sequentially, which renewed my ability to stick up for myself.
“Even the sun goes down heroes eventually die / Horoscopes often lie and sometimes “y” / Nothin’ is for sure nothin’ is for certain nothin’ lasts forever / But until they close the curtain / It’s him & I Aquemini”
Jonathan Bridges Topeka, KS

“After having done about 20 sessions of neurofeedback with Stillpoint Neurofeedback, what I noticed the most was the disappearance of many useless thoughts. Thoughts that would take up a lot of energy in my waking conscious-thinking day that didn’t serve a purpose of mental clarity. Neurofeedback had an effect that was calming over the course of several weeks. This mental calmness seemed to have dumped away emotions that were counter-intuitive to what my rational core of thoughts was telling. Overall I felt that in short term, and in the long term, the results were that the neurofeedback trained my brain to work effectively towards a more balanced life. I believe it is similar to the effect on our mental faculties found in physical exercise and meditation. However, neurofeedback adds a further layer of preparation and conditioning for ‘the flow’ we all want in life. Neurofeedback is a tool that one can benefit from in reaching fulfillment in many aspects of life.”

Kris Kuksi Lawrence, KS


“Our whole family of five has benefited from neurofeedback training. It helped my husband and me recover from sleep deprivation after our third child was born. My first half-hour session made me feel like I’d gotten a good week’s worth of sleep! The following year, neurofeedback helped me heal from a concussion. It felt like it centered and reorganized my brain tissues.

As for my children, my eight-year-old’s teacher asked, “What did you do with her?” after her focus and attention improved so much from this therapy. My four-year-old said she like neurofeedback because it made her calmer, and my two-year-old’s language skills and clarity of thought made a huge jump after his series of sessions. We are very grateful to have found Bob and his work and to have received the many benefits neurofeedback has to offer!”

Holly Krebs Lawrence, KS


“I’ve found Neurofeedback to be gentle and effective. When I started I noticed, for at least the rest of the day, that words were crisper on the page or screen and it was easier to make meaning of information. As I went, this effect lasted longer, and now in general I find it easier to focus in on information and expand back out to broad attention when I’m ready. In other words, my states of attention feel more flexible. I think Neurofeedback should be useful to anyone, as we’re all receiving so much information during the day — probably more than any people in our human evolution? Our mind-bodies have to somehow digest all of that information or we’ll be in a state of overwhelm.”
Kalen Richardson, Cert. Rolfer Lawrence, KS


“I came to neurofeedback mainly out of curiosity. As a long-time meditator, I wanted to see if neurofeedback would help me with my practice and was open to any other benefits I might experience from it. Immediately I could see that Bob was professional and passionate about this technology. He is extremely knowledgable and always took the time to patiently answer any questions I had. The sessions themselves helped me feel more present and calm. There was no doubt that some deep work was being done and the sessions were the most relaxing part of my week. I highly recommend Stillpoint Neurofeedback for anyone looking to get more peace and tranquility in their life.”
Patrick Hangauer Lawrence, KS



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